Mitigation subgroup (2014-2015)

The Mitigation Subgroup was set up by the 10th meeting of LAG main committee on 24 February 2014 (see agenda item 5).

Members of the Lead Ammunition Group

Sir Barney White-Spunner – Countryside Alliance (Chair)

Jeff Knott – RSPB

Ian Coghill – GWCT

Dr Ruth Cromie – WWT


To bring together members of the LAG main committee to list and consider possible mitigation options for the risks identified in the four risk assessments covering human health and wildlife, including the risks to wildlife agreed separately at the main committee’s 10th meeting at Slimbridge.


  1. Provide the LAG 11th meeting on 16 April with a report listing options for mitigation of the risks identified by the PERA Subgroup and agreed by the Main Committee.
  1. Include in that report, so far as possible in the time available, any information or views on the likely mitigating impact, feasibility, costs and upside and downside consequences and potential for effectiveness monitoring for the options listed.
  1. If the Subgroup considers that it may have a role to play after 16 April it must make a proposal to the 16 April meeting for approval.


The Subgroup will have particular regard for Green Leaves III Chapter 4 (Appraising the Options)

The Subgroup will operate strictly in accordance with the Terms of Reference of the Lead Ammunition Group.


The Subgroup will report exclusively to the LAG meeting on 16 April.

Neither the Subgroup nor any of its members will make any press or public statement and the Chatham House Rule will apply.

Any press queries will be passed to the Chairman of LAG.